Is Marcus Turner of the MAIR (MARE) Agency Real or Legit? Why is He Calling?

You may have received a phone call or voicemail from Marcus Turner of The MAIR Agency in the last few days. You may have search for Mare Agency if you are not certain the name of the actual company. So, is Marcus Turner real and legit? The answer is yes! The MAIR Agency is a local North Carolina BCBSNC health insurance agency and they are offering assistance when it comes to better understanding open enrollment for healthcare and medicare. If you have any questions related to your current healthcare insurance or the 2018 insurance you are thinking about signing up for call Marcus Turner at 919-459-2683.

You may wonder how Marcus Turner is in your voicemail without you having received a phone call. It is very likely the case that your phone was either off or out of service range when the call came through. This is becoming very common with the modern smartphones such as an iPhone or Android smartphone. If you are unavailable, it will kick the call straight to voicemail.

Rather than trying to understand healthcare open enrollment¬†all on your own, we suggest giving Marcus Turner a call and he can assist with all your questions and concerns. It is much easier to talk to an experienced agent that can explain your options in laymen’s terms. You can also comment below if you have any questions related to 2018 open enrollment.

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