In What North Carolina Counties Can I Get Blue Local with Duke Medicine and WakeMed?

If you reside in the state of North Carolina you have seen plenty of commercials for BCBSNC leading up to open enrollment. With open enrollment beginning on November 1st, 2017, for 2018 rates, a large portion of North Carolina residents are researching their options. Those that live in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area may look at BLUE LOCAL with Duke Medicine and WakeMed. If you are looking for a BCBSNC plan in the Triangle contact the MAIR Agency today at 919-459-2683. They have a team of experienced agents that can help you find the plan you desire.

Anyone living in the central part of the state knows the national recognition of Duke Medicine and WakeMed and would like to be in their network.

In 2017, Blue Local with Duke Medicine and WakeMed are available in the following counties:


Remember, if you are comparing rates in November or December of 2017 these will be rates for 2018. Take the time research a number of options. The easiest way to do so is o have the assistance of an experienced agent that has worked in the state of North Carolina for several years or even decades. The team at the MAIR Agency has been around since 1988 and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help you find the best rates for your current situation.

Having an agent that is available to answer questions and determine what is covered with a specific plan is extremely valuable. This means you will not have to sit on hold on a customer service line for hours on end. You will also get answers to your questions in an efficient manner.

2018 ACA (Obamacare) BCBSNC Agency in Raleigh North Carolina

With open enrollment just around the corner, November 1st, 2017, many North Carolina residents are interested in the amount in which they are going to pay monthly for their health insurance. There has been plenty of news coverage discussing how premiums and rates are going to go up, but is this going to happen for anyone. If you are looking for a BCBSNC plan contact the MAIR Agency today at 919-459-2683. Their team will help you better understand your options no matter where you are located in the state.

You may be looking for one of the following plans:

  • BLUE LOCAL with Duke Medicine and WakeMed
  • BLUE LOCAL with Carolinas HealthCare System

Note that there are certain counties in which these plans are not available. You can find out more here or by contacting the MAIR Agency today. Not only will the explain the plans that are available in your county, they will assist you in submitting your application.

Having a local agent will make the health insurance customer service process much better. You will not have to sit on hold for hours trying to figure out what is covered with your plan. You will not be left in the dark when it comes to dental and a limited pharmacy network. The MAIR Agency agents will go above and beyond to make 100% certain you understand your plan and they will research any specific questions you may have.

If you reside in Wake County and live in Raleigh, Holly Springs, Wendell, Zebulon, Garner, Knightdale, Wake Forest or Cary, the team at the MAIR Agency can assist you in your search for 2018 healthcare coverage.  Do not be worried about the ins and outs when it comes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. Let the MAIR Agency team assist you with all your health insurance needs.

2018 Open Enrollment Begins on Wednesday, November 1st

The day in which open enrollment begins in 2018 is a Wednesday. Every year, open enrollment runs from November 1st through December 15th. With the website available to new plans on a Wednesday it is much more likely that any glitches or hiccups will be fixed in an efficient manner. When open enrollment begins on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday we have seen that technical errors can continue throughout the entire weekend.

As you prepare for open enrollment, remember, there are a number of options available. Whether you are looking for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, AARP or any other type of health insurance company, it is best to compare rates to see which options are the most affordable. Also recognize that different plans and policies offer different benefits. Just because you are getting a lower monthly payment doesn’t mean it is the best plan for you.

Please comment below if you have any questions about open enrollment or signing up with a healthcare plan through